To date, I as of now went by the city of Barcelona on 2 event (both were 1 week stays), regardless I trust that there are numerous attractions which are yet to be investigated. I will return to soon, since I just experienced passionate feelings for the place. In the event that you are wanting to visit Barcelona (or considering it) here are some cool tips from a travel addict.


Going by the old part (Barri Gothic Area) of the city is an absolute necessity see, yet as I would see it, the best parts of Barcelona are its commitments to twentieth Century engineering.

One should visit all landmarks left by well known twentieth century engineer Antonio Gaudi; Parc Guell, Casa Miro, Casa Batlo, and the greater part of all, the renowned, unfinished Sagrada Famiglia Cathedral.

Other distinct landmarks to be seen are the Palau de la Musica, The Maritime Museum, Picasso Museum, The Olympic Complex, and for the best nightlife of all, the Olympic Village.

Day Trip Suggestions:

I would commonly propose a trek to Salou, where one finds the mysterious amusement stop of Port Aventura. We burned through 2 evenings in the resort which appends the recreation center, and booked this straightforwardly by means of the Internet . When I took a stab at booking by means of my operator it would cost me 15% more. Thus, basically book this yourself since its simple to do as such.

Touching base to the goal, is simple since the resort and the amusement stop has a station found just 100m far from it. While, Port Aventura may not be as substantial as DisneyLand Paris in size, I for one feel that it has a specific climate of experience which the Parisian stop needs.

Other day trips worth considering are a visit to the superb Montserrat Mountains, and also a visit to excellent coastline resort of Stiges. You may procure exceptionally beneficial day trip bundles which incorporate transportation, historical center doorways, and lunch at the Tourist Information Office.

Acquiring Literature

Other than purchasing a decent manual (DK has an extremely bright and instructive guide), I would propose that you would sign onto the Barcelona Tourist Information office site, and get in touch with them requesting some writing. For a little charge (most likely under 3 Euros), they will send you exceptionally valuable maps and aides which will help you in arranging your trek.


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