Scanty swimwear: check. Sunblock, great book, availability to swill umbrella-spiked mixed drinks: check. Crazy aggregates of cash to appreciate a fabulous European ocean side occasion: not in case you’re in Bulgaria. Home to right around 400km of shocking Black Sea coastline, the Bulgarian Riviera is fixed with delightful shorelines and ripper resorts, all at a small amount of the cost of others on the landmass. From gathering hard play areas to nudist hideaways, here’s our pick – in no specific request – of Bulgaria’s best shorelines.


Sunny Beach

The most well known of all Bulgaria’s shorelines, Sunny Beach is the nation’s greatest – and liveliest – resort. Gloating a 8km-long extend of fine brilliant sand, Sunny without a doubt satisfies its name, averaging around 1700 hours of daylight amongst May and October. Fixed with tall building resorts, a trillion eateries, watersports enlist tents and a portion of the craziest dance club in the nation, this impact of a shoreline additionally gloats an alternate, less refreshing sort of untamed life: it’s home to a portion of the drift’s final common sand hills and uncommon plant species. Sunny Beach is over the sound from the notable town of Nesebăr.

Best for: Goodtime folks and ladies, stag hoedowns, families willing to overcome the previously mentioned.


Golden Sands

Another Bulgarian shoreline that doesn’t put stock in false promoting, Golden Sands does really have brilliant sand; many trust it’s the best sand in Europe. Under 20km far from the old Roman city – and resort in its own privilege – of Varna, Golden Sands is less lustful than Sunny Beach, yet comes a nearby second as far as uber resorts and nightlife (its fundamental drag-of-revelry is appropriately named ‘Party Street’). The shoreline is fixed in by the thickly lush Golden Sands Nature Park; corrective waters from the recreation center’s hot mineral springs are utilized as a part of nearby spas.

Best for: See Sunny Beach. Additionally, spa-containers searching for cures and happiness.



Albena charges itself as the drift’s family-accommodating shoreline, and it has the aquaparks, playing rear ways, small scale greens and entertainment meccas to demonstrate it; that smaller than normal trains are one of the shoreline’s essential types of transportation is another obvious hint of exactly who manages the perch here. The long, clean sandy shoreline plunges into quiet, clear waters that likewise appear reason worked for littlies: even at 150m from the shore, the ocean is no more profound than 1.6m. A free shoreline library adds to Albena’s allure. Nightlife is adapted towards guardians at long last getting a minute to themselves.

Best for: Families and toy-prepare aficionados.



Not a long way from the Turkish fringe, curious Ahtopol – waterfront Bulgaria’s most southerly town – is a return to the Bulgarian ocean side of yore. A beacon and old wooden houses (instead of dance club and T-shirt slows down) speck the rough foreshore, and will probably observe creaky angling vessels than voyage ships bouncing along its shining waters. What the shoreline needs in the far reaching pale sands (and group) of the northern resorts, it more than compensates for in climate and history; Ahtopol – the name signifies ‘The Town of Love’ – is situated on the site of an old Thracian settlement.

Best for: Budget explorers, families, sentimental people, nostalgics.


Irakli Beach

Overlooked your togs? Get thee to Irakli! One of Bulgaria’s final wild shorelines, nudist Irakli is a most loved goal for anybody looking for an all-over tan. Your wallet will love the way that free outdoors is well known here; your more delicate parts will be appreciative for the fine sand along the shore. Irakli, with its delightful tidal pond, tortoises and rich birdlife, is more than a shoreline to the activists, naturists and specialists who enjoy its seclusion: having triumphed over huge improvement, it’s an image of individuals influence. Scores of upbeat nonconformists slide on Irakli each 30 June for ‘July Morning’, which praises the sun transcending the Black Sea.

Best for: Nudists, campers, eco-trippers, spending explorers.



Sozopol was established in the seventh century BC via nautical Greeks; on account of a completely shocking stretch of coastline reminiscent of their country – the genuine article in the ‘excellent shorelines’ specialization – it’s little ponder they chose to remain. The past Apollonia is home to the wide Harmani Beach and the littler Town Beach; campers and those looking to evade swathes of mariner suit slows down and sunbathers will incline toward the Golden Fish and Kavatsi Beaches only two or three kilometers from the town focus. Can’t pick? Walk around Sozopol’s antiquated Southern Walls for perspectives of them all.

Best for: History dogs, sentimental people, any individual who needs to purchase a mariner suit swimsuit.


Silistar Beach

One of only a handful few shorelines in Bulgaria to appreciate “ensured” status, Silistar is a superlatives-challenging bonzer of a shoreline. It is difficult to get to – it lies profound inside the remote Strandzha National Park – however in that untruths a lot of its appeal: you’re probably not going to see anybody doing rakija laybacks in a fluorescent mankini here (ahem, Sunny Beach). You will, be that as it may, set eyes on owls, vultures, deer, and perhaps individuals circling bare. The waters at Silistar are shallow and ludicrously clear, making it a most loved for jumpers; however rough at its finishes, the little shoreline has fine, delicate sand. Wild outdoors is permitted.

Best for: Nature significant others, campers, spending explorers, Greta ‘I Want to Be Alone’ Garbo sorts.


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