One of the most common stereotypes about people from the west coast is their laidback and carefree nature. Well, if you lived there, you would probably see exactly why they take the time to enjoy every moment. The location is just a lovely stroll away from some the best beaches in the USA (sorry Hawaii).

Arguably, when people discuss where they’d like to spend their vacation, most would prefer soaking up the sun. Allowing the warm, rushing waters of the sea to wash away the stresses of everyday life. Imagine waking up to this kind of scenery everyday, and you’d want to stop time and relish heaven on earth. This is the kind of atmosphere that California’s beaches has to offer, pulling in both local and international tourists to its coastlines.

What is the purpose of your visit?

Considering there are numerous options to choose from, the first thing most people think of is visiting the beaches. No matter the reason for your visit, make sure you take  your time to marvel at the magnificence of the place.

Here are some of the famous locations you should check out.

Aquatic Park Cove

For those taking a break with the family, the San Francisco area has some of the best spots. One of the most prominent is the Aquatic Park Cove, and it has a lot of things going on for everyone. Visiting this area not only provides a much-desired beach experience, but also gives a sight of some historic big boats, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the San Francisco Maritime Museum, a park at Fort Mason, and the city skyline just to name a few. It’s basically like multiple trips rolled into one.

Crissy Field

Another perfect location for the gang is the east beach of Crissy Field. Being at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the iconic bridge is just a sight away while you take a safe plunge on this wide beach. There are also a lot of picnic areas and establishments where you can buy refreshments, which is why it is extremely popular for big groups.

Fort Baker Beach

If fishing is a leisurely activity you’d like to add to your itinerary, look no farther than Fort Baker Beach on Horseshoe Cove. You won’t need a license to try and hook a bite, making it ideal for families who’d like to try out a new hobby. The Bay Area Discovery Museum is also one of the highlights in visiting this area, as it is both educational and interactive for young kids.

Schoonmaker Beach

Guarding kids who swim in the beach can be very taxing at times. If this situation sounds familiar, then Schoonmaker Beach is the best location for you. The calm waters make it family-friendly, and the nearby Dunphy Park and Marinship Park offer beach games like volleyball, making it a truly relaxing experience.

Rodeo Beach

For those who love collecting unique stones and exploring, Rodeo Beach is definitely one of the best. This area has lots of pebbles and rocks that kids love collecting and are most commonly photographed. For a more mobile subject, the nearby Bird Rock is a paradise for bird-loving enthusiasts, although binoculars would be needed as it is offshore.

San Diego Area

If you are chasing the beach for a more spectacular experience, the San Diego area has got you covered. First up is the La Jolla Cove Beach, and it is extremely famous that you’ll have to be early to get a parking spot. Rock formations block the crashing waves, making the coast safe for swimming. Walking along the bluffs is an entirely new experience as you get to see nature at its finest – with seals and birds undisturbed.

Flat Rock Beach

For those who crave adventure and don’t mind hiking a bit, the Flat Rock Beach at Torrey Pines is a secluded paradise. Its call to fame is the pristine white sand and the sweeping bluffs, making the trek all worth it. If you are feeling even more courageous, climbing up the largest rock in the area allows you to marvel at the crashing waves and the jaw-dropping ocean scenery.

Garbage Beach

If you want to push it to the extremes even further, the Garbage Beach is going to be a worthwhile challenge. Despite the name, the location itself is an exquisite beauty that only the brave can see. The descents to the beach are so steep that a fixed rope needs to be installed. Nonetheless, arriving at the spot is an achievement and a thrill in itself.

South Mission Beach

Fans of beach volley and other beach sports would likely set their sights on South Mission Beach. It is one of the widest beach in the city, which is why it is the best area for active games. This quickly gets crowded at times, but this just adds to the excitement of meeting more acquaintances fond of the beach and sports.

Playa Pacifica Park

If all you want to do is leave the busy life and relax, the Playa Pacifica Park on Mission Bay is the place to be. The cove boasts a grass park which is ideal for unwinding. There are lifeguards on duty, so you can simply rest easy and enjoy the place.

California truly is a blessed place filled with divine beaches. The ones here are just a few spots to try and explore in this area when you have the chance. We have featured the USA as a travel destination as it has so many famous places to visit, such as New Orleans and Hawaii so be sure to do a search for USA on our site.


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