Travel to any destination in the Bahamas and you’ll discover flawless shorelines with completely clear water lapping at their shores. While dazzling portions of sand ring each island of this 700-island archipelago, the goal is a multifaceted one that offers an assortment of particularly Bahamian encounters for each sort of voyager.

Chow down on the catch of the day with local people on Grand Bahama or jump into the cerulean profundities in the Biminis, climb to the most astounding spot in the nation on Cat Island or shake your tail quills at Junkanoo – whether you’re a history buff, a jamboree bound reveler, a shoreline bum looking for isolation, a birdwatcher, honeymooner, spring breaker, or jumper, you’re ensured to discover an edge of the Bahamas that’ll suit you fine and dandy.

Grand Bahama – best for sustenance, jumping, nature

Angle broil

Need to participate in a quintessential Bahamian side interest? Get yourself a fish rotisserie on Grand Bahama. Hang out on the shoreline with local people, thump back frosty Kaliks and watch lobster, conch wastes and catch-of-the-day sizzle on oil drum cookers at nightfall. Smith’s Point Fish Fry ( is a certain wagered, and you can join the gathering each Wednesday night.

Wrecks, dividers and gaps

Fabulous Bahama has a treat for any jumper, whether you’re an apprentice hoping to look at shallow reefs, or a genius needing to investigate submerged buckles and wrecks on the sea depths.

Climbing into the past

Look at Lucayan National Park, where mangrove trails slide to a segregated shoreline, and feathered creatures and turtles settle in its wetlands and backwoods. The recreation center is likewise home to one of the biggest submerged give in frameworks on the planet. While swimming in these hollows is disallowed, a couple are interested in the general population including Burial Mound Cave, which served as the last resting spot of the island’s most punctual tenants.

Long Island – best for scenes, shorelines, jumping

Precipices, buckles and demolishes

Long Island has the absolute most sensational and changed territory in the Bahamas. The east drift is fixed with abrupt bluffs, bordered by rich greenery, while destroy manor ruins effortlessness the island’s north end. Underground swashbucklers will discover a honeycomb of hollows with supernatural shake arrangements. The scene is a brave drift and the trails are not unmistakably checked, in any case, so it’s best to enroll the assistance of a nearby guide.

Life’s a beach!

This long finger of land has something for every sun lover, from shallow ensured inlets and long extends of coarse pink sand with normal ‘swimming pools’. Confined sentimental resorts on powder-white sand and shorelines occupied with local people barbecuing fish.

Senior member’s Blue Hole

While not exactly endless, this ink-blue natural hollow driving into the sea profundities is the world’s most profound blue gap. Watch neighborhood thrill seekers dive into it from the bluffs above, or wear scuba apparatus to investigate it yourself.

Andros Island – best to dive, angling, bird-watching

Andros Barrier Reef

Andros Island is home to the world’s third biggest obstruction reef, which abounds with a rainbow of tropical fish and schools of sharks, while dark blue gaps declare war to genuine jumpers.

Gone angling

Fly-anglers often cast their lines along the streams and directs in Andros’ wetlands. On account of its perplexing system of shallow waters and banks, the island is home to the biggest bonefish natural surroundings on the planet, acquiring it the title of ‘the world bonefishing capital’.

‘The Mud’

The incomprehensible mangrove marshes and mud pads of the Bahamas’ biggest island are home to a dumbfounding 300 sorts of winged animals. Visit administrators are accessible to guide natural life aficionados and fishermen alike to the best review and angling spots.

Biminis – best for game angling, jumping, snorkeling

Get snared

Suitably formed like a fish snare, the Biminis are the games angling goal in the Bahamas. Hemingway got his motivation here for Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Stream, and today angler troll the enormous blue for massive fish, marlin and swordfish.

Reefs and wrecks ahoy!

Biminis’ tremendous submerged dividers and reefs pull in the enormous folks: expect hammerhead, stingray, turtle and dolphin experiences. Various wrecks are a play area for cutting edge jumpers.

Feline Island – best for perspectives, culture, music

Mt Alvernia

On Cat Island, the little stone church worked by the loner Father Jerome denote the most elevated spot in the Bahamas (a towering 63m above ocean level). Climb the stone staircase for a 360-degree see at dusk or dawn.

Island of myth and enchantment

Investigate calm towns where individuals still practice obeah (white enchantment) and cure ailment with customary medication. Listen to old people’s stories in a part of the Bahamas where time appears to stop.

Rake and rub Music

This previous privateer safe house is the origination of the Bahamas’ rake and rub music, with tunes removed from reused protests, for example, tin washtubs, angling lines, and goatskin drums. Those needing to see a stellar show ought to make sure to get the Rake n’ Scrape Festival that happens amid the Bahamas Labor Day end of the week (first Friday in June).

New Providence – best for water-parks, sustenance, festival

Aquaventure Water-park

Whizz down a Plexiglass tube slide into a shark-filled tidal pond, cannonball along fast water slides into tidal ponds and grottoes, drift along a delicate waterway ride, or kayak and snorkel in a synthetic tidal pond at this amazing park in Nassau.

Fill your tummy

Nassau and Paradise Island, associated by a scaffold, frame the luxurious epicenter of New Providence. Eating choices extend from gap in-the-divider joints concocting curry goat and conch squanders to superstar culinary specialist eateries serving fashioner sushi rolls and educated combination dishes.

Jumpin’ Junkanoo!

This celebration hits Nassau with a retribution on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) and New Year’s Day, with costumed revelers filling the lanes and the air thick with conch shell impacts, and the pounding of drums and ear-splitting shrieks. Parade buoys, moving and music rivalries are all part of the activity.

Exumas – best to dive, snorkeling, making tracks in an opposite direction from it all

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Underneath the sea green/blue water around these minor spots of land, you’ll find entrancing reefs, dividers, blue openings, coral gardens and wrecks that pull in an amazing differences of fish. You won’t take any of them home with you however, as the marine life here is shielded from any sort of angling.

Thunderball Grotto

This basilica like submerged give in framework, well known with snorkelers, was made acclaimed twice by 007 in Thunderball and Never Say Never Again.

An island getaway

Exumas are totally absolved from the buzzing about of numerous different Bahamas islands. They are uninhabited and difficult to get to, so guests can just get to them in the event that they agree to a stumble on one of the live-on board jump pontoons or become a close acquaintence with a yachter looking for their own private cut of tropical heaven. Unless you happen to possess your own particular yacht – then, may the wind fill your sails!

Elbow Cay – best to bird-watch, history

Elbow Cay Lighthouse

Elbow Cay’s candy cane striped nineteenth century beacon upset the nearby business of rescuing plunder from wrecks. Appreciate awesome ocean sees from the top.

Trust Town

Auto free, picture-culminate Hope Town invites guests with its bougainvillea-clad white-and-pastel cabins. Established in 1785 by Loyalists from South Carolina, this town is a wonderfully protected verifiable settlement.

Battered by Atlantic Ocean waves, the immaculate Tilloo Cay Reserve pulls in settling herons, various seabirds and their binocular-employing admirers.



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