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You cannot mention the top ten spots to visit in Africa without talking about the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe alone has more than ten breathtaking places to visit. It has quite a number of exotic tourist attractions that provides a perfect blend of Zimbabwe’s cultures and a lot of fun activities to leave any visitor with lasting memories. That being said, let’s take a look at the top ten tourist destinations in Zimbabwe.

1. Victoria Falls

Going to Zimbabwe without checking out the famous Victoria Falls is like going to the bathroom without water touching your hands, it just doesn’t make sense. Victoria Falls is the biggest tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. Named after the famous explorer, David Livingstone, the falls is a hub of activity for tourists from all over the world.
The best time to visit the falls is probably between July and August, when there’s no mist and the weather is dry. Try not to get so excited that you forget to carry a raincoat to shield you from the fall’s sprays.

2. River Zambezi

If you’re in need of adventure, river Zambezi which is located close to Victoria Falls is the place to be. There you can enjoy some breathtaking fun activities like triggerfish fishing, and rafting. You can also have fun climbing out of Bakota George, to relax with an ice-cold drink at any of the restaurants nearby.river zambezi

3. Chinhoyi Caves

The magnificent Chinhoyi caves are located along Harare Lusaka road. In addition to being an awesome attraction to feast on, these caves also hide an underground lake located about 50 meters below the surface of the ground.

4. Bulawayo

Next to Harare, Bulawayo happens to be the town with the second highest number of visitors in Zimbabwe which has so far managed to maintain its 60’s American ambiance. The town has a huge boulevard that is covered with flowers, which happens to be a big tourist attraction. You can also visit the National museum which has a strategic location in the heart of the town, and is considered one of Africa’s best.

zimbabwe colorful lizard

5. Mutare Town

Mutare town is a cool place to escape the scorching Sub-Saharan sun. The town offers attractions like the art gallery and the Mzilikazi art and craft center, after which you can grab something to go home with. But you can’t end your tour without paying a visit to the Rhodes museum, the Aloe garden located in the main park, and Vumba gardens. To cap off your day, you can enjoy the wildlife at the Chimanimani national park, and the Thompson V lei Cecil Nature Reserve.

6. The Great Ruins of Zimbabwe

The renowned great ruins of Zimbabwe is another awesome place to go to in Zimbabwe. It comprises of an impressive set of ancient stone complexes believed to have being erected somewhere between the 13th and 15th centuries, when Munumatapa kingdom still existed. If you want a more captivating experience, you have the architectural design of the ruins and the museum where you can find the complete history of the ruins.

7. Hwange National Park

The Hwange national park is located to the south of Victoria Falls. This park is home to a number of wild animals that draws thousands of tourists from all over the world to the area every year. You are likely to find hippos, lions, giraffes, lions, elephants, and antelopes including a number of other wild animals in this park.

8. Matopos National Park

Though Matapos national park has been known to house a number of wild animals, it is internationally recognized for its anthropological and geological features. The park is known for having granitic boulders neatly and balanced unstably on top of each other which are preserved by Bushmen paintings as part of its ecological features. Cecil Rhodes, who was a South African Prime Miinister and explorer in the colonial times, was also buried in this park.

Matopos National Park

9. Mana Polo

The literal translation of Mana polo is four pools. Many of the people who visit this spot however, will rather hire a canoe to take them to watch wild animals like hippos, tigers, tigers, lions, and lions. If you’re interested, you can also obtain a permit to fish for vundu, tiger fish and bream.

10. Lake Kariba

You can spend five days at Lake Kariba, house boating and parking nightly at different points to enjoy the view of the wild park at Matusadona. In the day time, you’ll have access to a small tender boat to use for fishing around the lake area.



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