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PUERTO PRINCESA is often regarded as a slice of heaven not just because of the mouthwatering dishes it is famous for, but for reasons you can’t ever imagine. Deciding what to do or where to visit can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly when you don’t have much time. The expression “so many places, so little time” is an apt depiction of what visiting Palawan or anywhere in the Philippines feels like.

To assist you with your dilemma we have compiled a list of the most interesting things to do in this city for your next visit to Puerto Princesa.

1. Visit the Underground River in Puerto Princesa
This river is often referred to as one of the seven wonders of nature, and it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Puerto Princesa as tourists from all over the world flood in to see it every year. You can’t blame them from trooping in because it happens to be one of the great mysteries of nature. A trip to the underworld river will teach you about a story that was molded hundreds of years ago. Though the stalactite and stalagmite formations located inside the cave don’t glow the way crystals do, nevertheless, they both have an interesting story behind them. To cap it all up, the guide has a unique way of presenting figments of his imagination which will leave you rolling in laughter.

underground river puerto princesa palawan

2. Island Visitations
There are different small islands scattered all over Honda Bay, and every one of them is blessed with some unique specie of fish and other sea animals. Visit Starfish Island and be treated to an array of starfishes all made of different colors and sizes. Discover paradise underwater when you go snorkeling. You can also map out time to visit Luli Island, which was named after the Filipino slang “Lulubog Lilitaw,” where 2-kilometers of sandbar vanishes when the tide is high only to reappear when the tide is low. Last but not the least, you can pay a visit to Cowrey Island and relax with a glass of mojito or mango shake. Interact with other tourists, and invite them to play a game of beach volleyball with you. Enjoy a wonderful day and return to the city before it gets dark.

3. Pay a visit to Dos Palmas Island
Dos Palmas is a 20-hectare private island located within Honda Bay, in front of the Sulu Sea. Surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, this can serve as the perfect substitute to the Honda Bay Island Hopping tour which is saturated with tourists. You can hop on any of the native outrigger boats heading to the island and enjoy a mind-blowing combination of nature and extravagance in one ultimate paradise adventure.

puerto princesa dos palmas

4. Watch Fireflies
Watching fireflies lit mangroves underneath a sky lit with stars in Iwahig, is another enjoyable Puerto Princesa experience. Enjoy one hour of insightful teachings from your boatman who will carry you on a journey from one constellation to another, from mangroves to plankton down to every interesting thing you need to know about fireflies.

5. River Kayaking & Cruise
Be treated to a delicious meal while enjoying nature’s tranquility and beauty. Learn something new about mangroves and their relevance not just to the organisms they shelter, but also to the whole of humanity.

6. Zipline, Trail Walk & Spelunking
Caving in Ugong Rock is the perfect adrenalin rush for thrill seekers who crave jaw-dropping adventures. Enjoy some of the wonderful rock formations while ascending. You can also fly down using a zipline. This is an activity you can enjoy after your tour of the Underground River.

ugong rock adventures puerto princesa

7. Go on a mountain climbing adventure
There is an array of spectacular mountains that surround the “city in a forest.” Whether you’re an experienced or a professional climber, you will discover that Mount Bloomfield is a worthwhile experience. It overlooks Sabang, which is another reason why you should spend a few days in this part of this city.

8. Watching Dolphins
Dolphins are often referred to as one of the most adorable creatures of the sea, it’s no wonder everyone wants have a look at this friendly creatures in Puerto Princesa Bay. Have fun watching them as they fly, dance, and swim in the ocean.

9. Chase Waterfalls
If you want to chase waterfalls, enjoy cool and refreshing waters, or just to relax and enjoy nature shutting out the world, you might want to check out Salakot and Bonton waterfalls.

10. Pay a Visit the Arena Island Turtle Sanctuary
If you want to avoid all the touristy area, you can go to Arena Island where you can enjoy a serene environment, with a delicious dinner under the moonlit sky. You can let go of all your worries, as the place is often isolated except for a few tourists like you seeking the same serenity you crave.



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