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Picking the finest attractions in Singapore was not easy, because this happens to be a city that is saturated with a lot of incredible places and things. Practically everybody knows the names of some of the landmarks. The Merlion, as well as the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark including Singapore Flyer, are a few of the places offering a spectacular views of the legendary Singapore skyline.

The small island state of Singapore is a land of contrasts. Both Chinatown and Little India can be considered culinary and shopping hubs, and they’re a reflection of the country’s ethnic diversity. We also have an exciting night life; as you can visit the opulent Raffles Hotel and enjoy a Singapore Sling, or some of the most picturesque spots for eating and drinking that the city has to offer. Our list of top ten attractions in Singapore offers you all these and more!

Marina Bay
Singapore’s Marina Bay has gone through enormous transformation in recent times. Before now, it was just a body of water located at the entrance of the Singapore River; however, it has become a reflection of how far this small country has been transformed into one of the most luxurious travel destinations in the world.

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Intersecting with Clarke Quay, the Financial District, and the central Civil District located along the north, Marina Bay plays host to many of the most iconic skyscrapers, hotels, and attractions in Singapore. The symbolic Marina Bay Sands resort which boasts of a lot of awesome things to enjoy is also a huge attraction at Marina Bay.

Clarke Quay & Riverside Nightlife
This party hub is actually well known for its nightlife. If you’re visiting Clarke Quay, Quay, and any other concept bar or club located along the Singapore River for the first time, you can’t help but be impressed by the dazzling lights, the people and the busy night clubs. There’s also an overwhelming array of themes and attractions to help you enjoy the sunset.

Universal Studios
The most recent addition to Singapore’s list of attractions is Universal Studios. If you start off from Hollywood, down Hollywood Boulevard, you’ll actually forget that you’re in a tropical Asian country and assume you’re in America. This is regarded as the major shopping part of the park. There’s also New York, which is modeled after New York city, where you can get your picture taken with movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin.

There’s Sci-Fi city which features one of the world’s tallest intertwining roller coasters as well as other things including Ancient Egypt where you get to see two large guard statues. It actually has an air of Ancient Egypt, which means you can enjoy rides like the ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ which is a great ride for adults, but not so much for kids.

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Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay is a massive, vibrant, revolutionary park located in the bay area of Singapore. It has supertree structures which provide a striking skywalk across the gardens. There are large greenhouses shaped like seashells to produce that icy mountain climate, including lots of trees and plants waiting to be discovered creating an atmosphere of fun for both adults and children.

The ideal place to appreciate the size of the Gardens by the Bay is atop the Marina Bay Sands, which is located opposite the park, with a space that spans across 250 acres of land that has been reclaimed on the waterfront. It is not difficult to find your way there, you can either use the walkways from the hotel and enjoy a higher view of the gardens, or you can come through the riverside promenade which is a bit longer, to get to the park close to the two domes. You don’t have to pay anything to be allowed to walk through the park; however, you’re required to pay a fee if you’re interested in going inside the climate controlled conservatories, or to take a walk in the midst of the Supertrees. Opening hours for the main park area, is between 9:00 to 21:00.

Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island can be found in the south of the Singapore City Centre. The cable car ride to the beaches and rainforest resort, only lasts for 12 minutes and is extremely convenient, treating you to an array of panoramic views. If you need something slower, relax because there are a lot of popular weekend sandy beaches along the southern coast. This provides you with an avenue to avoid the flurry of activities at the CBD and gives you a beach experience that is only a couple of minutes away from one of the most enigmatic cities in the continent of Asia.

Singapore Night Safari
This is a top-notch tourist attraction that engages in the conservation and rescue of animals as well as research on how to improve the lives of the animals in captivity and the wild, in addition to providing entertainment for their guests. You can see thousands of animals from different continents including Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas enjoying the airy natural environment provided by the Night-Safari. All these attractions are what put Singapore on the list of top family oriented destinations in Asia.



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