best temples in hong kong

Dump the shopping centers and high rises and dig into the city’s rich social legacy with a visit to one of Hong Kong’s main five sanctuaries. No place is ideal to take in everything to think about the trusts, dreams, fears and superstitions of this present city’s productive urbanites – particularly valid amid Chinese New Year and vital lunar logbook celebration dates. While a few spots of love have been given a polished new makeover, a large number of Hong Kong’s most seasoned sanctuaries have been serving as vital group gathering focuses for many years.

5. Lam Tsuen Tin Hau Temple and Wishing Trees

This curious gathering of towns in Tai Po has been attracting guests to its Tin Hau Temple and two wishing trees for many years. Generally, celebration goers would compose their desires on joss paper and attach it to an orange, which was then hurled up towards one of the banyan tree’s most elevated limbs – the higher the branch the better the chances of your desire working out as expected! As the practice turned out to be more prevalent, powers ventured into safeguard the trees and guests are currently urged to attach wishes to wooden racks close-by. Steps away you’ll locate a little Tin Hau sanctuary, committed to the Goddess of the Sea, which can regularly be found in any antiquated angling group in Hong Kong or along the Chinese coastline. Take a seat with a soothsayer here on the off chance that you need to get some answers concerning that desire.

4. Man Mo Temple

Venturing into the Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road resembles entering a different universe, a domain possessed by the revered gods of Man (God of Literature) and Mo (God of War) who are worshiped here. Beams of daylight slice through the rising smoke of mammoth incense curls hanging low from the roof and down onto the sacrificial stones of the 10 judges of the underworld. Make a point to take in every one of the subtle elements – the lines of sliding green Shekwan rooftop tiles speak to bamboo and life span, while the antique car seats inside were utilized to convey statues of the divine beings amid celebration parades.

3. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Despite the fact that calling itself a religious community, the name is somewhat of a misnomer as there are no occupant friars at this mixed Sha Tin sanctuary. Take after the lofty twisting way up the slope, flanked by 500 life-sized Arhand statues to achieve the principle complex and its 9-story pagoda. Here you’ll as far as anyone knows discover more than 13,000 Buddha statues – however now, who’s numbering? – and a couple of bodhisattvas on horseback for good measure. The fundamental fascination, be that as it may, is the safeguarded assemblage of Yuet Kai, the religious community’s especially dedicated originator. Treated in enamel, put with gold leaf and wearing robes, the upright body presently sits in plain view in a glass case inside the primary cloister building.

2. Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden

At Diamond Hill, just a single tram prevent far from the Wong Tai Sin sanctuary, you’ll locate the quiet and tranquil Chi Lin Nunnery. A distinct difference to its beautiful and brash Taoist neighbor, the Buddhist convent radiates quiet and serenity with smooth stone balustrades, lotus lakes and shocking wooden engineering. Roused by Japanese and Tang Dynasty sanctuaries, the rich arrangement of corridors and walkways were built without the utilization of nails, utilizing a perplexing plan of stabilizers and dowels. Over the street, the Nan Lian Garden is a picturesque desert garden in the midst of towering skyscraper lofts approaching up along the slope. An unwinding walk around old bonsai trees, koi lakes and fastidiously finished greenhouses is the ideal antitoxin for those requiring some time out from the buzzing about of the city.

1. Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

With its strong, red columns and fancy latticework, Wong Tai Sin shows every one of the characteristics of the prototype Taoist Chinese sanctuary. Bright and loud, admirers come year round to petition God for favorable luck and celestial direction from the “Incomparable Immortal Wong.” Crowds run here amid the Chinese New Year to offer incense, make wishes and visit crystal gazers with expectations of a promising and prosperous year to come. Going by the sanctuary amid this time might enthusiasm from a social viewpoint, however it is unquestionably not for the timid. Throngs of individuals push their way through the winding sanctuary complex in a billow of smoky incense towards the principle sacrificial stone and assemble around slows down offering charms and ornaments of all shapes and sizes. It is surely a unique affair, yet then again, an early morning weekday visit will serve fine and dandy.


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