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Summer is the most anticipated season of the year for many people, especially those in cold countries. It’s like taking a break from the cold and freezing winter weather when the trees, roofs and the ground are filled with snow. During the summer, everyone gets excited for a beach holiday, an out of town travel with the entire family and friends. Relaxing near the beach, watching the sunrise and sunset, eating fresh tropical fruits and enjoying fun activities and tours. There are several ideal summer destinations around the world, but Maui Hawaii is a paradise to explore, appreciate and experience.

Maui is the capital of Hawaii and is the second largest island of the country. It is gifted with natural resources like large rainforest, extraordinary coral reefs, beaches, waterfalls, tropical flowers and fruits. It is also the leading whale-watching center in Hawaii because of the Humpback Whales migrating every autumn. The island is also a good place for water sports activities like surfing, snorkeling, stand up paddleboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, swimming and more. There are so many ways to enjoy staying at the most beautiful place in Hawaii.

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Sure, you want to make the most out of your stay in this beautiful paradise. Aside from capturing photos of the scenic island, there are so many fun activities that await you whether you travel with your wife only or with the kids. Fun is limitless. Maui is an island that offers you so many exciting ways to enjoy life and experience new things helping you create good memories to last and forever remembered.

For couples, Maui is the perfect place for romantic adventure because the island offers bunch of activities you can do together. In fact, it’s an ideal place to spend honeymoon and couple trips. On the island you can get to discover their culture, enjoy nightlife, and get to taste Maui’s specialty dishes.

maui sunset

On your first day, you may want to enjoy sightseeing with your loved one going for a walk near the beach and taking a peak of the amazing places Maui has to offer. There is no other romantic place to watch the sunrise aside on the beach, a perfect time to propose or renew your love. Maui is known for its serpentine and historical road to Hana ideal for couples who enjoy road trips and challenging adventures. At the end, you’ll see waterfalls, bamboo forest, botanical garden and visit the historic Hana Village.

The next day, you can do the Maui helicopter tour. Seeing the islands, mountains and beaches from above is just breathtaking. If you want to have a glimpse of Maui in bird’s eye view, you can do so with the Maui helicopter tour package. This is a good experience shared with your loved one! If you want to take your sweetness to the next level, you can ride the Sunset Dinner and Cocktail cruise. Together, you can gaze upon Maui’s horizon and islands while enjoying a cocktail from the open bar.

maui horse riding

On the third day, go for a horseback riding tour. Its up to you where to start looking around and choose if you want to have a private guided tour or join the others in a group. This is great to explore the green forests, hillside, volcano crater and other hidden gems of the island. There is also a zip line package available if you want to enjoy a treetop adventure and take a quick glimpse of the island landscapes, flora and fauna, livestock and more.

The following days, you can explore other places in Maui, have a body massage, go swimming and surfing on the beach and attend the Hawaiian and Polynesian style luau feast. There so much to enjoy in this beautiful paradise with your loved one. Aside from being the best honeymoon/summer destination, its great for family vacations too. A lot of activities are designed to allow kids enjoy their stay too!

Best on-water activities for kids on the list are snorkeling tour, surf lessons, and riding the Atlantis submarine. Maui is committed to providing a child-friendly and safety, water activities for kids with optimum comfort and convenience. On the other hand, off-water activities include visiting the Maui Ocean Centre with massive indoor shark tank, watch the ‘Ulelana in Maui theatre featuring the country’s culture, and joining an exciting treasure hunt. It’s important to check the age requirement for each activity before booking for reservation.

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The island also has a line of restaurants with award winning cuisines from seafood, beef, chicken to vegetables. Most of these restaurants have an impressive list of wines in their bars too. Favorite snacks like hamburger, pizza, fish, chips and potato fries are also available. Mixed fruits, crepe, cake and ice cream are also perfect to beat the heat during summer. Sure, you will find the food that you love in one of the many restaurants in Maui. Stay healthy while on a vacation!

Pack your luggage now and get ready for the most exciting trip of your life this summer in Maui, Hawaii. It is packaged with everything you need to have a blast. Friendly crews dressed up in their Hawaiian theme clothes are ready to welcome you with a flower necklace and warm greetings. A hui hou!


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