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You have probably heard wonderful things about Bali. You know that people like to vacation there. You just don’t know what all the hullabaloo is about.

Many say Bali is full of beaches, parties, and bars. Others say it’s a tad bit overrated.

Those people clearly didn’t go very far in Bali.

Bali is full of astonishing waterfalls, canyons, caves, and sea temples. There are one of a kind water villas and cliff-side views you can see. There’s even a thriving art scene in this Indonesian city.

This article will explore all the things you can do when you’re on vacation in Bali.

1. Unlimited geological astonishment’s many people are unaware of.
You’ve likely heard about one of the most popular sites in the city, Kuta beach. However, Bali also has numerous discrete sights that are ideal for people who want to go beyond the tourist trails.

From the Melasti beach to the secret canyon of Sukawati, you’ll be riveted by the outstanding beauty of these wonders.

2. Reside in a safari lodge, on a giant tree-house, and on a cliff’s edge.
From huge bamboo houses to African-inspired safari lodge, Bali has all sorts of places you can lay your hat.

3. Balinese arts and culture.
If you’ve visited Bali before, you likely saw that each corner is somewhat of an artist’s hub.

From stone and wood carvings and modest handmade floral decor to mesmerizing bamboo structures, there is no shortage of creativity in Bali.

bali culture

4. Unique dining choices.
Want to drink on a floating platform in the center of the ocean? Eat with the lions? Relax in a pub with a massive crocodile? Have fun in Frankenstein’s Laboratory? Visit and dine on a pirate ship with your children?

You can do every one of those things in Bali.

You’ll find an abundance of cafes, bars, and restaurants to choose from, ideal for those who love to post updates of their whereabouts on social media.

5. The beaches are some of Bali’s best-kept secrets.
Bali has several hidden beaches located across various corners where patrons can spend time in the sun away from populated areas.

Most people call the beaches in Bali dirty, but this is hardly the case. For example, Gunung Payung beach, Nyang beach, and Pandawa beach are some of the most sanitary beaches you’ll come across!

6. Visit haunted areas and hunt for ghosts.
There is a frightening village in the Indonesian city where dead bodies are neither burned nor buried, but hung instead.

If you’re up for it, Bedugul plays host to a large abandoned hotel for tourists to explore. Though the hotel isn’t open to the public, one never knows what lurks in these dark spaces!

7. You can participate in odd Balinese events.
Have you ever seen a monster parade or a mass kissing event before?
Bali is rich in religious past times and cultures, some of which may come across as strange to tourists.

bali events

8. Go shopping.
In addition to hosting celebrity weddings and gorgeous water villas, Bali is also a shopping hub!
For women, there are a vast number of elegant boutiques on Ubud and Seminyak. You’ll find so much that you might end up needing another suitcase to take all your things home!

9. World famous yoga hotspot
Bali is the ideal location for the best back-bending, soul-soothing, and life-altering yoga experience.

The culture, people, ocean view and greenery as some of the reasons why this is so. It’s something you’ll need to see to believe!

10. Restaurants and attractions that are family-friendly.
There are plenty of places to eat in Bali. Most come with enjoyable facilities for children to play in while you eat comfortably.

Consider visiting Waterbom, the most intense water park in all of Asia! You can also spend a day at the Marine and Safari Park!

bali dining

11. The whole island is a haven for surfers.
Bali is full of elegant surfing areas with awesome lineups and surf breaks. Check out Padang-Padang beach where hardcore surfers are most active, or Kuta beach, where novice surfers get in on the action.

12. It’s a food lovers paradise!
Whether you’re fine dining at a restaurant or eating in street-side warungs, you’ll have plenty of Balinese dishes to pick from. Be sure to try out the Balinese Pork Ribs, Babi Guling, Balinese Lawar, and Nasi Campur.






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