3 day maldives itinerary

Maldives is an archipelago made up of 1192 coral islands, it is one of the most renown tourist location around the world due to its intriguing ethereal-like experience

This location has a wide range of captivating natural beauty which includes gorgeous white beaches, amazing and highly diversified marine life, stylish shopping, clubs and exquisite restaurants. Maldives has everything a tourist desires. From a beautiful serene holiday resort to an alluring paradise for adventurers, Maldives is filled with all kinds of thrilling experience a holidaymaker will not forget in a hurry.

We have outlined recommended locations and spots that will help you make the best use of a three-day stay in Maldives. We have tried to offer a range of mixed experience that ranges from relaxation to wild adventurous experience

Maldives first day

Day One – A full day by the Sea

We recommend that you try the water spots to start out with a fascinating holiday. There are lots of fascinating water spots which can stir up the adventurous spirit dormant within you. This is a great way to start out your stay, a stay at the beach will become more awesome if you are with children.

Go to the North Male Atoll where you can surf on the sky blue, gentle rushing waves. Other options available at Male is Parasailing and windsurfing. You can also get on board a cruise to see the ethereal beauty of the archipelago coral reefs. The experience continues at dusk when you can round up your day with an outlandish experience fishing at night by the sea.

Maldives day 2

Day Two – Discover the Marine Life

The itinerary of day two is to visit the enormous marine life of the Indian Ocean and get close to the rare species of marine life. Try out snorkeling and scuba diving, this will get you close to the most awesome parts of Maldives. The locations described below offers you an awesome experience.

Banana Reef
This reef is located north-east of North Atoll, This reef is one of the most amazing dive sites in the entire archipelago, it is also graced with fascinating marine life. Get a close feeling of the amazing sea beauty by visiting the Banana reef.

Maldives Victory
The Victory Dives offer tourist an outlandish marine experience. At this location, you will be surrounded by a haven where corals and turtles live in perfect harmony. It is an awesome dive site.

Whale Submarine
Get into the submarine for a Whale Submarine tour. This is a fantastic journey undersea that may lead you to sight a live whale in its natural habitat.

It is time to get a relaxing spa at the seaside after two days of adventurous holiday. Get relaxed and experience the calmness that can be derived from a wonderful oil massage renowned for its extreme blissful relaxation effect. There are a lot of traditional massage therapy you can choose from which are administered by experienced masseuses.

Maldives day 3

Day Three – Visiting Male

On the third day, we shall get away from the seaside to have a wonderful view of the city of Male. Visit the Sultan Park and National museum that holds the antique of this small and peculiar Islamic kingdom.

The Islamic Centre, an architectural masterpiece with a signature golden dome is a place to see. Other places to visit are the Hukuru Miskiiy and the Friday mosque which is conspicuously embellished with carvings and architectural styles of the 17th century.

Go to the resort to shop for handicrafts, you may also visit the town to appreciate the culture of the local populace. As the day is rounding up, shop for tuna at the Male Tuna market which is adjacent the beach front.

By now, you are close to the beach where you started out three days ago, end the day by strolling along the beaches live Vakarufalhi for an unforgettable unique experience.


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